Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Puppet Show

Yesterday afternoon Croix was bored.  So we decided to do a puppet show.  He came up with characters, I drew them, we put the on Popsicle sticks and put on many shows.  We got some friends to come watch the show....just about every stuffed animal in the living room.

 photo IMG_20130506_155706_841_zps97f9ab33.jpg

Croix would sit in the audience while I put on a show, then we would switch.
The stars of the show(s) (the puppets) were Lady Firetruck, Pumpkin, Jock aka the grass, Dusty the dog, pokey things, scribble scrabbles and Croix.

 photo IMG_20130506_155912_187_zpsfed57cfd.jpg

Some times we made up a story together.  It really was quite fun.  I love his little imagination!

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