Monday, May 20, 2013


Saturday was such a busy day!  We started out heading to fountain hills.  I have a friend who just started doing laser hair removal and her office was doing free sessions!  Since I have a beard that I'm dying to take care of I was all over that!  Did you know when you get laser hair removal done it smells like burning hair.  Makes sense, but never thought about it.  While I was getting my chin zapped by a powerful laser my little family was over at the park.  I walked over and met them when I was done.  It was a beautiful morning!  the fountain Hills park has a splash pad.  We didn't know that and came unprepared.....and Croix found it irresistible.

 photo IMG_20130518_094749_267_zpse51d4aac.jpg

 So we ended up being the trashy people who's kids were in underwear/a diaper.

 photo IMG_20130518_094744_013_zps17ce69a3.jpg

 photo IMG_20130518_100702_313_zps7293e4e8.jpg

  Oh well, it happens. 
The fountain went off and was awesome!

 photo IMG_20130518_095813_494_zps886e65ca.jpg

We fed the ducks, they were quite brave.

 photo IMG_20130518_095553_076_zps4f24f302.jpg

The kids had a blast and we enjoyed the park too.

We came home I put Maizy down for a nap and grabbed a quick bite and dashed back out the door.  I went to my counseling appointment.  Then I headed to the chiropractor to have him get rid of the headache I'd had for days.  He did!

We came home and turned around and headed to the church for a baptism.  It was really nice.  Croix did not want to sit still.  He doesn't in church either.  We're going to have to start practicing church or something!

After the baptism we came home and I got everything ready for a photography session.  Helped prep dinner and had a quick PJ&J.

Went and did a lovely session.

Came home to hear from Brent "So I was cooking dinner and I heard Maizy screaming.  I went in Croix's room and he's holding Maizy by her feet swinging her back and forth".  Joys of a big brother?  I ate some delicious dinner, my husband is multi talented!

After getting the kids down I worked on editing a few photos and then crashed!

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