Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Project Disaster

I found this ugly lamp for $6 and saw some potential.  Once I got the living room put together I really started to see what I wanted the lamp to be.  Croix and I worked on it.

He's such a good helper.

 photo PicsArt_1367538052187_zps363079bc.jpg

I left it on the back patio to dry.  It was up on the table and i put it on the ground so that the kids wouln't knock it off and break it.  Then Brent was watering the lawn.  I put Maizy and Croix out there while I cleaned up the kitchen from dinner.  Brent thought Maizy needed to be in the bouncer rather then just crawling around.  I tried to tell him she was fine.  He insisted and went and got the bouncer.  He knocked my lamp over and it broke!!!!

 photo PicsArt_1367891733859_zps956b4d2f.jpg

He thought it was hideous from the moment it entered the house, he never saw it's potential.  It could be a Christmas Story kind of accident, although he swears it was entirely accidental.  And I think he felt a little guilty because he started helping clean up that night with out my asking.  I'm bummed.  Guess I'll have to start looking for another cheap lamp I can redo!

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