Friday, May 10, 2013

Pre Mother's Day Celebrations

Today I picked up Croix from preschool and he had this adorable gift for me for mothers day. 

 photo IMG_20130510_095910_283_zps03d4cf7e.jpg

It looks like chocolate covered marshmallows so I'll have to wait until Sunday to eat it when I take a free day. He also had a paper with questions he had answered about me. 

 photo IMG_20130509_121351_907_zpse46c0a97.jpg

Number one is my favorite.
What does Mommy say to you all the time? Don't break down the house.
I laughed as I tried to recall a single time I've ever said that. But not even 10 minutes after we got home I decided maybe I should start saying that to him more often because he did this! 

 photo IMG_20130509_121909_169_zps152b8d3b.jpg

Sheesh! This kid I tell ya. Thankfully it was an easy fix.

During lunch Maizy ended up with a green bean stuck to her face. Too cute!

 photo IMG_20130509_130525_zps88b18a41.jpg

This evening we used one of our babysitting coupons from the ward auction. (Don't think I ever posted about that! Our ward had a. Valentine's day party that was an auction . You earned your "money" there. We got Toy Story 3 on DVD, and coupons for babysitting for four nights courtesy of Rock N Roll {her real name I promise} The babysitting was the 2nd highest priced item of the night at just over $400! We pooled out money with Chad and Heather Jensen. They have one kid so we've coordinated so we all go out on the same night. Its been fantastic!) We went to dinner at the Gecko Grill which recently reopened. Yay! So yummy. When we pulled out of the garage we had no idea where we were going. So we flipped a coin to decide which city, what type of food, which restaurant. I'm glad the coin took us to Gecko! 

Also I had been picturing sitting next to Brent in a booth. I forgot to ask for a booth when they were seating us but they still took us to one. Law of attraction! After dinner we went to a couple stores. We were back by 8. We had contemplated seeing a movie but everything started too late or sounded too lame. It was a really nice night. So wonderful to have a little break together.

When we got home Maizy had refused to eat any food. And had refused her bottle. She was still awake and crying off and on. Ugh. This girl is so spoiled. She won't go to sleep or eat with anyone but me. When we went out when my Mom was in town she said Maizy screaming so hard she had to go get her and then she cried off and o until she passed out from exhaustion even while she was holding her. This is not cool. Rock had not even tried to put Croix down yet. He probably would have been just as bad going down! Sigh. Why do my kids had to be so difficult going down!?!

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