Monday, May 20, 2013


I really dislike Mondays.  The house is always in post weekend disaster mode.  Sigh. It's a trade off, we do fun things rather then spending all day Saturday cleaning up.  So I spend all day Monday cleaning up.  Our ant problem has greatly improved.  Thank you Facebook for the magical borax ant killer.  Yesterday I did a super easy hair do, and it turned out awesome.  I love when something looks complicated but really is so easy!  It makes resisting the urge to chop it off a little easier. 

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Last week I went to the half price book store and picked up some new work out DVDs.  i tried a new one today and was laughing so hard I couldn't even do it.  Oh man.  It is basically 30 minutes of different ways to roll on the floor.  It was too funny.  Croix and I had fun rolling on the floor.  He's a good workout buddy.  He likes to get under me when I'm doing pushups or lunges or squats so I touch him.  He giggles every time.

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I had no idea what to do for dinner tonight.  I found some hamburger in the freezer.  Threw it in the crock pot.  Turns out there are not really any crock pot recipes where you just throw hamburger in they all say to cook it first.  It cooked fine though.  Even with hamburger cooking I still didn't know what it was going to be.  I had a visiting teaching appointment at 4:30 so I threw in some left over balsamic green beans from last nights dinner and some egg noodles.  I then checked online to see if egg noodles cooked in the crock pot and if so how long they would take!  Well my crock pot mystery/leftover dinner ended up being pretty tasty.  Surprise!

For FHE we went to cold stone to use my coupon for my birthday.  I thought they would be able to use it through my smart phone but no.  So no coupon, guess we'll have to go back next week! 

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