Saturday, May 4, 2013

Father and Son's Camp Out

Brent and Croix went on the father and son's camp our with our ward last night.  They loaded up and headed about about 5

 photo IMG_20130503_170837_746_zps237ebc24.jpg

Totally awakward trying to get both of them in the shot, after Croix was buckled in, with a cell phone.

 photo IMG_20130503_170933_923_zpsec9f5546.jpg

Which left Maizy and I.....have I mentioned I love having a girl!

 photo IMG_20130503_170859_370_zps9eef972d.jpg

We had dinner with a friend of mine and then Maizy and I played for a while.  I had her laughing good and hard!  I think she was waiting for the boys to come home, she did not want to go to sleep and was up way too late, almost 8.  After Maizy went down I watched Lincoln.  Great movie.  I've said it before that I really disagree with the majority of President Obama's policies and I wish he wasn't leading our country.  But I am proud of the progress our country has made, we have an African American president.  And that is great.

It was glorious to sleep in the morning until almost 8!  Brent and Croix were home by 10.  Hopefully I can talk Brent into blogging about the camp out but it sounds like they had a good time.  This afternoon Croix was doing this

 photo IMG_20130504_103447_490_zpscb3b9774.jpg

I think after camping just hanging around the house was super boring.  He's also super tired!  I hope he sleeps in tomorrow and catches up on his rest.  We missed our boys as much as we enjoyed having them gone :)

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