Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

This was the best Mother's Day we've had yet!  I sent Brent a blog post with detailed instructions for breakfast.  He followed them to a T and it was amazing!  Seriously the best breakfast I've ever had!  Honest!  I also got to enjoy this fabulous breakfast after sleeping in!  Croix must have known it was Mother's day, he slept until 8!  Amazing!

 photo MothersDay4_zps8591563d.jpg

After breakfast Croix comes running over with a box and says...."Happy Present!!"  It was adorable!  Inside was the beautiful necklace.

 photo 935733_10151653828525948_139192271_n_zps4d601f07.jpg

It's not the best picture but ti's the best I've got!  It has black and white diamonds.  Brent did good.

After sacrament meeting we got a full size cadbury candy bar with a quote that says

"One cannot fogret Mother and remember God.  
One cannot remember Mother and forget God.  
Why?  Because these two sacred persons, 
God and Mother, partners in creation, love. sacrifice, service, are as one."  
Thomas S. Monson

I love this quote!  It's on my fridge now.  Such a great reminder of the beautiful work I'm doing.

I came home from church after  sacrament so Maizy could get a nap.  And I took a nap too!  I slept in and took a nap!  Best mother's day ever!

Brent''s Mom, Heather and Lucas came over for dinner.

 photo MothersDay31_zpsc7f7a72d.jpg

We grilled and had asparagus, carrots. funeral potatoes.  It was delish!  After dinner we enjoyed eclare cake that Heather made.  And played Apples to Apples. I also had sugar all day long!  I've felt sick ever since.  But I'm pretty sure at this point it's not just from the sugar. 

I love these two so much!  I'm so thankful to be their Mommy. 

 photo MothersDay25copy_zps66cf02f1.jpg

I'm so thankful for Brent, who really went above and beyond making this a truly special day for me!  I'm thankful to him for making me a Mom!  He really his the best guy there is around!

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