Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Special Day

A couple weeks ago Brent asked if he could do a Daddy/Croix day and I could do a Mommy/ Maizy day. Of course I liked that idea. Our special day was yesterday. 

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Brent and Croix took the train to the stadium. 

Croix loved riding the train. Brent said he just looked out the window the whole way.

 photo mms95picture952_zps89896379.jpg

They had nice seats.

 photo mms95picture953_zpsbc6535c2.jpg

They got a pretzel to share.

 photo mms95picture951_zps108986b5.jpg

Some older people behind them gave Croix a sucker.

 photo mms95picture_2_zpsb2f69783.jpg

The Diamondbacks won the game although they only made it to the third inning before Croix couldn't stay in his seat any more.
Maizy and I took a nap for our special day. It was pretty fantastic! We just hung out talked and played. It was fun to have one on one time with her.

Right as Maizy and I were getting ready to leave for Joanns the boys got home. So they decided to come with us. Thankfully though they went to another store while I spent way too long debating which fabric I wanted to get.

asdf photo a45246c2-0636-4ef2-9785-ea793324fab7_zps9afbb397.jpg

After Joanns we went to Costco for dinner.  

Then to a new frozen yogurt shop. 

asfd photo IMG_20130410_175532_764_zpsaadd1afa.jpg

asdf photo IMG_20130410_175543_133_zps517ef6d5.jpg

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save photo IMG_20130410_180115_346_zps012fd07a.jpgsave photo IMG_20130410_180354_905_zps04dec598.jpg

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asdf photo 3ba9f8fd-7a63-4fd6-8aa3-938e35e24050_zps0d18e03a.jpg

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After the yogurt shop we stopped at my uncle Forrest's to pick something up.  It had been a while since we've seen them. It was really nice to chat and catch up a bit. His youngest son is only 9 months older then Croix. They ended up snuggled up watching Mickey Mouse. It was pretty adorable!

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 Made me think we should get them together more often!
It was a great day!

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