Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Preschool Graduation

Croix's preschool graduation was today.  I said some prayers and they were answered!  I was deferentially not feeling well, but I made it through with only dashing to the bathroom once!  I wasn't about to miss this because of a stomach bug!  I don't think Croix really understands what graduating means.  I'm pretty sure he'll be asking to go to preschool on Thursday.  I'll have to be more diligent about teaching him things again.  I've slacked off since he's been in preschool and let Miss Chelsea take over the teaching!  Miss Chelsea has been a wonderful teacher!  Croix has learned lots and loves her so much.  He's made great friends that I'm sure he will miss.

 photo PreschoolGradua2_zps1bbf0be8.jpg

I love his little smile here as they are all getting lined up

 photo PreschoolGradua7_zps165f1c26.jpg

Graduating class of 2013! Ha!

 photo PreschoolGradua10_zps8c3f28e8.jpg

Singing a song. Actually he just stood there while everyone else sang the songs.

 photo PreschoolGradua15_zpsb93b7f34.jpg

Getting his deploma

 photo PreschoolGradua25_zpsb7e4c779.jpg


 photo PreschoolGradua28_zps3a996206.jpg

Thank you Miss Chelsesa

 photo PreschoolGradua30_zps27ffaed0.jpg

After they enjoyed ice cream sundays

 photo PreschoolGradua31_zps9c65e3af.jpg

Croix really enjoyed his!

 photo PreschoolGradua35_zpsc736f5c7.jpg

Maizy made a new friend, the swapped things to chew on.

 photo PreschoolGradua39_zpscb5e1045.jpg

He was the last one to enjoy it! Miss Chelsea said he was the same way with snacks, the last one to leave the table and eats every crumb....promise I feed my child!

 photo PreschoolGradua42_zps6fb5cc3a.jpg

Our cute little family

 photo PreschoolGradua49_zpseb103413.jpg

Gino's Pizza for lunch to celebrate, Croix's choice. I enjoyed a cup of water since I'm not feeling well

 photo PreschoolGradua51_zps094aa750.jpg

Maizy enjoyed some Kix

 photo PreschoolGradua56_zpsb473f2ce.jpg

Giant slice is as big as his head!

 photo PreschoolGradua57_zpsbb6212b1.jpg

We sure are proud of our little man! He's such a joy and so smart too! Below is a video of him receiving his diploma.

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